On this tab I intend to start dispalying photos that I have taken, not just at Whitemoor Haye but everywhere I go birding.  I must say I am no way near being a photographer I am just a birder who carries a camera.  I also do not do fancy things on computers to enhance photos (nothing against it I just do not have the patience to play around) they are just raw photos as I have taken them out in the field.  I hope you enjoy them cause I definately loved taking them.

Woodchat Shrike - Whitemoor Haye. 8-9-10

This Woodchat Shrike was the first for Staffordshire found by myself at Whitemoor Haye. 

Golden Plover, Whitemoor Haye.  30-11-12

Blue Tit, Whitemoor Haye.  2-12-12

Robin, Whitemoor Haye.  2-12-12

Black Headed Gull, Whitemoor Haye.  10-11-12

Black Headed Gull, Whitemoor Haye.  30-11-12

Black Headed Gull, Whitemoor Haye.  30-11-12

Pied Wagtail, Whitemoor Haye.  29-11-12

Roller, Aldbrough.  9-6-12

Gannet, Bempton Cliffs RSPB.  9-6-12

Dotteral, Whitemoor Haye.  3-5-11

Grasshopper Warbler, Rutland Water.  31-5-08
Greenfinch, Dunnock Hide (back garden).  26-12-08

Grey Partridge, Whitemoor Haye.  29-5-10

Grey Phalarope, Blithfield Reservoir.  30-9-07

Linnet, Whitemoor Haye.  13-6-10
Little Owl, Whitemoor Haye.  17-7-06

Little Owl, Whitemoor Haye.  21-8-12

Long-eared Owl, private location in West Midlands.  28-2-09

Pied Wheatear, Horsey.  15-10-09

Magpie, Whitemoor Haye.  11-4-11

Merlin, Branston gravel pits.  7-2-09

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